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The Colored Stones Grading online course is designed to expand one's practical knowledge for use in the gem business world. It is a critical bridge between the gemological scientific world and the gem and jewelry trade, designed to significantly shorten the period it generally takes to obtain the practical experience required to be a player in the trade. Gem traders, gem hobbyists, gemology graduates, trade professionals with basic gemological knowledge, career gemologists, appraisers or valuers, and others who are or intend to be part of the gem business, are all suitable for this course. Graduates of the course will understand and be proficient at grading, evaluating and pricing of colored stones.

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Students will learn:

  1. Definitions and grading-rulers of gems' attributes, such as color, transparency, clarity, and cut.
  2. The evaluation techniques commonly used by the gem trade.
  3. The potential effect of each attribute on the gem's price in the world trade.
  4. The effect of other factors, such as country of origin, enhancements, pleochroism, optical phenomena and size, on the grading and pricing of a gem.
  5. Gem definition borders, commercial names and misnomers, including different perceptions of each market around the world.
  6. How to grade gems against actual and digital master rulers.
  7. How to use the Gemewizard online tools for color communication, grading and pricing of gems.

Students will receive:

  1. A fully illustrated Colored Stones Grading course notes.
  2. Access to the online course materials, including hundreds of gem images, sorted by quality.
  3. Access to over 100 online exercises of quality sorting and price calculations.
  4. A student gem kit comprising 25 glass-made gem samples, depicting important shades of colored stones. (The kit remains with the student after the course and can be used as a color master ruler)
  5. A 1-year subscription to All Gemewizard products, including GemePrice™ - an online pricing system and pricelist for diamonds and gemstones.

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